MRA7067 Antenna

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Item Nr. Serial Nr. SkyScan7/2 Client Location Date Shipped Status Notes Timestamp
1 2013-02-28-5054 SkyScan7 GEW Development Integration Room Operational (1)Upgraded with Band A amplifier and absorbtion material.
2 2014-08-25-0755 SkyScan2 GEW Development Block A Mast Operational (1)Band A PCB broken before Case insert mod. Repaired by D202.

(2) Faulty GAS7

3 2014-05-16-9793 SkyScan2 Timor Leste Timor Leste - Dili Operational (1)Compass upgraded by D202.

(2)Discrete component failure on GAS7 resulting in no calibration signal. Repaired by D202 (no fault report generated).

4 2014-05-16-9792 SkyScan7 Hungary Hungary - Budapest Operational (1)Compass upgraded by D301
5 2014-05-16-9795 SkyScan7 Hungary Hungary - Budapest BER
(1)Compass upgraded by D301

(2) Antenna developed a leak. Extensive damage to GAS7. Declared BER and replaced. Antenna part repaired by Alaris
6 2014-05-15-9798 SkyScan2 Kuwait ITU Stores Operational 08/06/2018
7 2014-08-25-0752 SkyScan2 Kuwait ITU Stores Operational 08/06/2018
8 0093-33-00-0004 SkyScan2 Nigeria Nigeria 06/06/2018 Operational 08/06/2018