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Item Nr. Serial Nr. RFX7050 Modules Version Client Location Date Shipped Status Notes Delivered Software Version Timestamp
1 SS111206-01 N10010263 AC Peralex Integration Room Mil-Green Qualification
2 SS111206-02 N10110202 AC Jean's office Not Functional White - HF mods; Broken in pieces
3 SS111206-03 N08050147 AC TDOA Peralex - Block b tower
4 SS111206-04 NEY080259 AC Afrimeasure Client location unknown 15/06/2012 Delivered (1)Front/rear caps replaced with TDOA caps. (2)RFX failure NEY030020 swapped out by client with NEY080259 control cable also replaced.
5 SS111206-05 N10010260 AC Jean's office
6 SS120622-01 NCX120068 AC TDOA Trevor's house
7 SSGS0920-01 EY080253 AC TDOA In Henco's office on desk RFX7050 to be replaced. Faulty one to be fixed 19-08-2014
8 SS120622-03 NCX110435 AC TDOA Dewald's house
9 SS120622-04 NEY030012 AC Jean desk
10 SS120622-05 NCX120067 AC POLS Germany Delivered POLS customer unit
11 SSGS0920-02 AC GEW PTA Demo GEW CPT (Henco's office) Being used for tests.
12 SSGS0920-03 AC Germany Demo Integration room GEW CPT
13 SSGS0920-04 AC TDOA Shitesh for dev (Peralex Interegation room) 19-08-2014
14 SSIT0201-01 DC Original Qualificaiton box

Marketing Portable Demo Box

Shipped to Douglas QA Rack (Waiting for RFXb to be upgraded in PTA)
15 SSIT0201-02 NEY080254 DC - LU 5 Signals Delivered
16 SSIT0201-03 NEY080256 DC - LU 5 Signals Delivered
17 SSIT0201-04 NEY080251 DC - LU 5 Signals Delivered
18 SSIT0201-05 NFZ030111 DC - LS Tridaya Setiamanunggal Indonesia Delivered
19 SSIT0201-06 NEY080261 DC - LU 5 Signals Delivered
20 SSIT0201-07 NEY080248 DC - LU 5 Signals Delivered
21 SSIT0201-08 NFZ030093 DC - LS Tridaya Setiamanunggal Indonesia Delivered
22 SSIT0201-09 NFZ030101 DC - LS Tridaya Setiamanunggal Indonesia Delivered
23 SSIT0201-10 NFZ030100 DC - LS Tridaya Setiamanunggal Indonesia Delivered
24 SSIT0201-11 NFZ030102 DC - LS Skynet Jean's office Used for testing 19-08-2014
25 SSIT0201-12 NFZ030097 DC - LU Skynet Under table infront of Jacques office Broken RFx7050B; sent for repair 19-08-2014
26 SSIT0201-13 NFZ030110 DC - LU Skynet Training room Build into box. 20-08-2014
27 SSIT0201-14 NFZ030104 DC - LU Skynet Training room Build into box. 20-08-2014
28 SSIT0201-15 NFZ030094 DC - LU Skynet Adolf's desk Used for testing 19-08-2014
29 SSIT0201-16 NFZ030095 DC - LU Skynet Bock A

Training Room

Deployed Built into Rack 19-08-2014
30 SSIT0201-17 NFZ030112 DC - LU 5-signal 10-04-2014 Delivered Originally SkyNet (Not replaced?) 19-08-2014
31 SSIT0418-01 DC Marketing (Blank Box) Integration room GEW Cpt
32 SSIT0911-01 DC - LS Skynet GEW for repair Deployed On Loan (Not yet ATPed)

RFE unit replaced

33 SSIT0911-03 DC - LS Tridaya Mitra Indonesia Delivered
34 SSIT0911-20 DC - LU Sri Lanka Louis Office Temporary Sri Lanka unit
35 SS120622-02 EY080245 AC TDOA Henco's office (1)Sky-i that were at Hennie's house. (2)Going to be installed into the Caddy. (3)Grintek logo not GEW logo. 19-08-2014
36 SSIT0911-22 DC Perseverance Peralex Intergration Room Delivered 19-08-2014
37 SSIT0911-21 DC - LS IMT Portable SA Navy 24-04-2014 Delivered 19-08-2014