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Item Nr. Serial Nr. RF7 Modules Version Client Location Date Shipped Status Notes Delivered Software Version Timestamp
1 SSGS1212-03 MRA7067 DF Ant SN:2013-02-28-5054 DC BlockA Mast Operational DEMO & DEV Unit 1

SkyScan7 Converted to SkyScan2 Still has a .02 DAQ board all new systems will have a .03 DAQ board with cripple bit enabled

2 SSKU0825-03 GEW Development GEW CPT Operational (1) Came without batteries; Peralex SerNo SSKU0825-03;
(2)Converted to SkyScan2, previously SkyScan7 GT020048;
(3) Converted to MRD72 proto
3 HS020519 Timor Leste Timor Leste - Dili Operational Converted from SkyScan7 (GT020050)
4 JR010120 (1) Converted to SkyScan7 KP110053 12/04/2019
5 JR060593 (1) Converted to SkyScan7 KP110054 12/04/2019
6 JR060594 (1) Converted to SkyScan7 KP110055 12/04/2019
7 JR0080635 (1) Converted to SkyScan7 29/03/2018
8 JR0080636 (1) Converted to SkyScan7 29/03/2018
9 JR0080637 Stock Unit GEW CPT - 306 STORE Operational 29/03/2018